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nanamari wrote in weheartiu
on the forum and on lj as well.
on pretty much everything.
its been happening
and we are trying our hardest to avoid this.
if you aren't a member of this community or even of the forum and are interested in our girl please check it out~
right now there is a lot going on, but please be patient with us~ ^^
rome wasn't built in a day, this expression really helps me keep my cool and continue to be patient. IU isn't very popular outside of korea, i have no idea why (damn that girl has some vocals), and its up to us to spread the love internationally. by us i mean the weheartiu staff and members~ we're all trying to push our little forum out of its shell and let it grow into something big. join us at this please~
do it for this beautiful and amazingly talented young lady:

she covers this song beautifully~<3


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