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hello everyone~
nanamari wrote in weheartiu
long time no see, eh?
uhm i dont really have much of an excuse for the communities inactivity.
some personal stuff has gone on and then i lost a keyboard
all in all it was difficult lol.
but now we are back
and there is something very VERY important that i would like to share with everyone.
IU's one year is coming up.
we are starting a project to send her a gift,

okay so, we REALLY REALLY REALLY need more members at the forum
i know there are more IU fans out there. there has to be
so im going to beg you guys
if you come to this livejournal community even just once, to join the forum if you like IU
we would really appreciate it (:

thank you to the lovely kizu(our forum admin/mommy~) for the beautiful banners, there are more @ the forum :)

also kizu and i have planned something very cool for the forum and im sure it will be up by tomorrow~
i cant reveal it just yet, because i want to keep the suspense and mystery alive, you know.
thus, you'll just have to wait and see 8D
also, can you guys PUHLEEEEZ start making this LJ comm active?
i feel like im talking to air
but i know that there has to be at least one person who comes on here, because i've sent this community link out to the forum many times -____-

okay guys well ill probably update sometime tomorrow morning with the special surprise and whatnot.
so until then,
join the forum, join the project, donate if you want 8D
ily guys!!


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